Smart Slip Dress

May 21, 2015

Wearing: Brandy Melville Tee | AGAIN Dress | Trademark Sandals

FIRST OF ALL – I HIT 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS TODAY ON INSTAGRAM! I still can’t believe that many people read my blog and am so so so thankful for you guys!

The inspo behind this look came from a model-off-duty moment I found when scrolling through street style sites. Taking a silk, evening esqué dress like so and pairing it with a cropped white tee made for a casually smart look. The purpose of the button down was to cinch my waist, but this look also works oversized and boxy. A silk neck scarf (you can find these from any vintage store for less than $5) and sandals top off the outfit as extra styling. Shop below:

The Business of Blogging

May 20, 2015

Today an awesome article came out on Harpers Bazaar on the business of blogging – specifically how bloggers make money on Instagram. This is a question I am frequently asked, and am always 100% honest when answering. Sponsored content is one of the reasons the blogging industry exists. My followers are why I have a job. Without my current reach of close to a million people, brands would not be interested in collaborating with me. But the catch is… my business is me. I am very specific when deciding who I work with. I choose my projects very carefully and always stay true to my style. Learning when to say no has been one of the most pivotal parts of growing my blog. My followers are the consumer, fashion enthusiasts and avid shoppers which results in sales thus why sponsored content works. Although numbers don’t mean everything they sure do help. I have organically grown with my readers over the past 4 years, creating a trusting long-lasting relationship along the way. I am fortunate enough to have been able to turn my hobby into a real business, a service I provide for what should be the easiest part of your day – getting dressed in the morning. Read more here

Summer Slides

May 20, 2015

summer slides

Summer slides – my designer picks (more affordable options coming soon) – shop below: