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Tag: skirt

Match Made In

Wearing: Reformation Top & Skirt | Spell & the Gypsy Cuff It’s still so hot, and after yesterday’s Fall denim shoot with Guess, I’m craving the semi-colder weather (and of course beanies). Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and the beach as much as the next bikini driven gal –

On Melrose

Wearing: Reformation Skirt (taken on my iPhone) My girl Courtney from Always Judging, totally babe’in it up with me on Melrose the other day. Finding someone in your industry you can truly connect with is not only rare, but way too much fun.  Cheers to new friends and style sole-mates.

Garden Dressing

Wearing: Roseanna Dress | Miu Miu Loafers I think it’s about time I stop acting like dressing girly is so unusual for me, because this Summer I’ve totally surprised myself and have worn skirts and dresses more than ever before. To me, pairing them with flats or sneakers totally makes

Out of Character

Wearing: Ostwald Helgason Skirt | LNA Tee | Valentino Shoes This is totally out of character dressing for me, considering I never used to wear skirts/dresses. I couldn’t help but grab this skirt from OWEN the other day – London based designers Ostwald Helgason always come up with the most

So Cal

Wearing: Zara Skirt | Topshop Leather Jacket | ASOS Cap | Shoe Mint Heels Guys, I freaking love California. This is not a new found love, but something I’m reminded of every time I get the chance to travel here for a quick visit. This time around, I’m here with Guess