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Tag: nyc

Back in White

Wearing: Front Row Shop Blazer | M.Patmos Pants It’s been too long since I’ve posted a simple outfit for you guys. Now that (for me) fashion month is over, you can expect a ton of pre-fall inspiration and what I think you the best buys for the new season are.

Garden Dressing

Wearing: Roseanna Dress | Miu Miu Loafers I think it’s about time I stop acting like dressing girly is so unusual for me, because this Summer I’ve totally surprised myself and have worn skirts and dresses more than ever before. To me, pairing them with flats or sneakers totally makes

The Search is on

If you haven’t had the privilege (not) of going apartment hunting in NYC yet, I envy you. You may be wondering why I’ve been slacking on my blog posts recently, well this is exactly why. Apartment hunting in the city is not only completely draining, but a pain in my tush, and