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  1. hey–i love your blog and your style! i was wondering if you know any good websites for ideas for prom dresses. something elegant, simple, long for sure. thanks.

  2. Hi! I really like your blog, I would just love to see what you wear for nights out in the city! Im always at a loss for those outfits where you need to look just right for which ever club, late night dinner or bar you may end up at!

      1. @PeaceLoveSocialMedia:disqus thank you! 🙂 I’d be happy to give you a print if you’d like to share it on your blog! 🙂 Feel free to message me and let me know !

  3. Hi ! can you feature some cool tech accessories i.e cool iphone cases etc.

  4. Love your blog!

    Twitter: @heyirmajj

    Instgram: @irmajj


  5. Hey,

    Love your blog. Just wanted to mention we are currently working with a fantastic new fashion app called Grabble which may be of interest to you…

    Grabble is an exciting new fashion app taking the fashion and tech worlds by storm. Described as “Tinder for Fashion,” Grabble takes items from across the high street, designers and internet, bringing them to you all in one place. You can also refine your search so you can look exclusively for black trousers, ankle boots, clutch bags etc.

    Some stats regarding the app:

    10,000 tweets about how much fans love the Grabble app

    Rose to number 7 in lifestyle apps in the App Store

    Featured on iTunes in 108 countries, (top 10 in 34)

    20,0​​00 new users

    Raising £450k (or $750,000)

    Would be amazing to hear what you think of the app!

  6. I don’t know if this has been explained before….but, there is literally no way that all of these new clothes that you wear are in your closet every morning right? And how does one afford to do this? Your styles are donated to you right? Walk in to the store and ask to borrow them for a shoot? Love the site though, it is really fun to look at. Wish there were even more pictures.

  7. Hey Dani! I’m from Brazil, Sao Paulo!! I’m going to NYC in march, so I was wondering that you could give me some tips haha where are the best places to shop( cheap places lol) and to visit! In my view there is no a better person to help me! Thank you so much bae! Lots of love from Brazil

  8. Smart idea. Wonderful style and photos. I follow you from Italy. I’m tuned

  9. Hi
    I really love your blog. Your sense of style is impeccable.
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