Double Slit

April 2, 2014

2 maxi-skirt-weworewhat5 maxi-skirt-weworewhat (1)6 maxi-skirt-weworewhat3 maxi-skirt-weworewhat4 maxi-skirt-weworewhat (1)Wearing: Blu Moon Skirt | Equipment Sweater | Toga Pulla Boots | Saint Laurent Bag

As the weather (very unfortunately slowly) warms up, my daily outfits go through an awkward stage. By awkward, I mean mixing in pieces you wouldn’t normally see me wear (like this skirt) with familiar sweaters and not-100%-sure-I’ll-be-warm-enough-in-this jackets. I have to admit, this almost Angelina Jolie bearing double-slitted skirt wasn’t something I could ever see myself wearing. But now, I love it. Shot by Jeff Thibodeau

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